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The Patton

Music Creation For Anyone

The Patton is a fun music creation game that doesn't require any previous knowledge.

By using bodily language, anyone can easily understand how to control and shape musical elements.

Coming soon


Simple & Beautiful 

A simple POC using Unreal 5, meta sounds, and niagara.. 

Simple, beautiful, and enhanced by visual feedback. 

No complexities, just perfect rhythm at your fingertips.

Coming soon

Snow Sampler

Snow foot steps foley instrument

a collection of pristine snow footsteps samples recorded with the legendary Sony PCM-D100 in the remote mountains of southern France. In order to enhance your sound design workflow, the samples are accompanied by user-friendly Kontakt and DSsampler instruments.

Air Metronome

Sync metronomes over Wifi

Run Air Metronome on multiple devices and enjoy a super precise synced metronome between all users. All you need is a shred Wifi connection.
Air Metronome is “Ableton Link” enabled.

Beat Finder!

Find and convert BPM in seconds

An easy way to find the tempo of a song. It is great for FOH sound engineers that need to tune a delay in MS or musicians that are seeking the optimal tempo for their new song.

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